Acoustics in Practice

Dear EAA member Society President,

Acoustics in Practice is an open-access electronic journal made from contributions from authors from EAA society members.

The journal’s audience is those practising in the fields of acoustics, noise and vibration.

Both readers and contributors are expected to be practitioners including consultants, manufacturers, policymakers and regulators.

To stimulate this product, which we consider to be an important one for practitioners all over Europe and beyond, we would like to ask you if your Society would help us by nominating 3 society members that you think could be possible authors for this journal.

We would only require the person’s name, the field of work within Acoustics, and email contact. We would then reach out to them, formally inviting them to write an article for the journal.

This offers the authors a “free of cost” international broadcast under the EAA umbrella. The articles will be published on the EAA website and promoted on our social media channels.

For further information on Acoustics in Practice please see the link below:

Acoustics in Practice – EAA Fenestra – European Acoustics Association (

Thank you in advance for your attention to this matter.

Kind regards,

Joana Leitão Teixeira
EAA Permanent Secretary