Future EAA conferences – Reminder

Dear President,

This is a reminder of a message sent to you last June concerning the future EAA Conferences. As you know these Conferences are among the most important EAA activities and we need to organize them in an optimum way.

As you know the next programmed EAA conferences are the following:

– Forum Acusticum (all topics) in Krakow September 2014
– Euronoise in  Maastricht  June 2015
– Forum Acusticum (joined with ASA meeting) in Boston (USA) June 2017
– Euronoise in Europe in 2018

Remember that Internoise 2013 will is held in Innsbruck, and Internoise 2016 as well as Internoise 2019 will be held in Europe.  Also, ICA 2019 will be held in Aachen (Germany).

Our board will discuss  the possibilities for other conferences, in 2016 and maybe in 2017. The board meeting will be held in Valladolid (1st October). We would like to know your ideas concerning in particular the following issues:

– For 2016 it is desirable to organize a Euroregio conference, with two (or more) neighbouring countries, and an Acoustics School; now it is a well established event; Are there any proposals for such an event ?

– As the 2017 Forum Acusticum will be held in the United States, some Europeans will probably not attend this meeting. Do you believe that it would be necessary to organize another Euroregio in order that at least one EAA event is held in Europe that year ?

We would like to thank all the Societies that have already answered the message and we encourage all of you to answer freely to this message, with either general points of view or concrete proposals (or both), before September 15th. For the moment, detailed proposals are not necessary.

Best regards

Jean Kergomard and Michael Taroudakis