22nd International Congress of Acoustics and the 10th Ibero‑American Federation of Acoustics (FIA) Congress

The 22nd International Congress of Acoustics and the 10th Ibero‑American Federation of Acoustics (FIA) Congress will be held jointly in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  This will be the first time that an ICA Congress is held in Latin America.

ICA 2016 is being organized by the FIA and the Argentinean Acousticians Association (AdAA), in cooperation with the Chilean Acoustical Society (SOCHA), under the endorsement of the International Commission for Acoustics and the sponsorship of the Acoustical Society of America (ASA).

Jointly, it will also be held the X Ibero-American Federation of Acoustics Congress, incorporating the XIV Argentinean Congress of Acoustics and the XXVI Meeting of the Brazilian Acoustical Society.

Furthermore, it has the official sponsorship of the Acoustical Society of America (ASA), of the International Union of Pure and Applied Physics (IUPAP), and the National Council of Acoustical Consultants (NCAC).​

Buenos Aires is one of the largest cities in the world, with a lovely combination of European culture and Latin American spirit.

Call for Papers

Papers related to the technical areas listed below are especially welcome for presentation at the ICA 2016 Congress, but technical papers in all areas of acoustics may be submitted for inclusion in the technical program. The official language of the International Congress on Acoustics is English.

Optional peer review of contributed papers will be available as an option selected by the author.

Abstracts will be submitted using the online application present at the congress page. As with all ICA congresses, ICA 2016 will feature Proceedings. All technical presentations will have a corresponding proceedings manuscript.

Acoustics Metrology Noise: Sources and control
Animal and Bioacoustics Numerical Techniques
Biomedical Acoustics Physical Acoustics
Computational Acoustics Physiological and Psychological Acoustics
Communication Acoustics Room and Building Acoustics
Community Noise, Environmental Acoustics Signal Processing and Analysis
Electroacoustics and Audio Engineering Soundscape
Hearing Protectors Speech communication
Legislation and Regulations Structural Acoustics and Vibration
Musical Acoustics Ultrasound
Non-linear Acoustics Underwater Acoustics

Important dates

Call for Papers December 1, 2015
Deadline for Receipt of Abstracts March 1, 2016
Invitation to Submit Manuscripts sent to Authors April 15, 2016
Deadline for Receipt of Manuscripts (with payment registration fee) May 31, 2016
ICA 2016 September 5-9 2016