EuroRegio2016 – SUMMER SCHOOL on Acoustics – Porto, Portugal

In June, from 11 to 12th, there will be in Porto, Portugal, a EAA Summer School on Acoustics, sponsored by the European Acoustics Association and organized by the Portuguese and Spanish Acoustical Societies. This Summer School will be held previously to the EuroRegio2016, at the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto (FEUP).

The EAA Summer School comprises several topic-focused courses, dealing with some of the most actual topics in acoustics, as follows:

. APA – Approaching Acoustics (one day)
. ENA – Environmental acoustics and smart cities (1.5 days)
. SAVB – Sustainable acoustics and vibrations in buildings (1.5 days)
. RMA – Room and Musical acoustics (one day)
. 3DVA – 3D virtual acoustics (half day)
. NMA – Numerical methods in acoustics (half day)
. SPM – Sound propagation in special media (one day)

The organizers encourage all those interested in attending the Summer School to register at, where you can also find the „Detailed Program of the Courses: timetable; lecturers and thematic key words”.